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Inbound Marketing Welcome to Slate Inbound Marketing – my goal for this website is to show you how to market your business like a ninja using many different types of Inbound Marketing methods and strategies. This is a new sister site for my SEO Agency in Seattle.

Let’s first define what Inbound Marketing even is…This is from the wiki:

Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing.

In essence, inbound marketing and internet marketing are very similar however, inbound does not cover things like PPC, direct mail, TV, or radio paid ads and things like that.

IMPORTANT! My Goal For This Website:

Believe it or not, I actually DO have a goal for this website. My goal is to consistently show you what WORKS in regards to SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Website Conversion. In plain speak, I want to show you how to get more traffic and leads to your website and turn them into paying customers and then raving fans. I want to make this website the ultimate resource guide for Inbound Marketing.

Blackhat, Whitehat, Purplehat, etc?

In terms of the “hats” of SEO, let me start off by saying that I am absolutely NOT a black “hatter” or spammer, and I never will be. However, there are some things that I consider whitehat while others may consider grey or blackhat. I never spam or do anything shady and I am all about creating amazing websites that are helpful and valuable. I may share tactics from time to time that you might consider gray hat and when I do, feel free to ask me about them and I’ll be happy to show you how I interpret them as whitehat and legitimate.

I also want to share everything that is working right NOW in the SEO world and sometimes that involves some gray hat stuff but this site isn’t about that kind of debate, it’s about how to safely, ethically, and effectively market your business online through SEO and Inbound Marketing.


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Google Penguin 2.0 Is Out

Google Penguin 2.0 Is OutIt’s official, Google Penguin 2.0 is now out! It’s the biggest spam fighting update since the original Penguin 1.0 back in April of 2012. Here are the official numbers:

  • Penguin 1.0 – April 24th, 2012 – impacted 3.1% of search queries
  • Penguin 2.0 – May 22, 2013 – impacted 2.3% of search queries

In looking at some initial data, it looks like most of my websites have gone up in rankings thanks to Penguin 2.0! Of course, that was the plan all along, smart, ethical, safe SEO and I am glad that some of the junk spam sites have been … Read the rest

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Penguin 2.0 Update 2013

penguin 2.0 update 2013ver since Matt Cutts of Google sent a few Tweets out and published a blog post on the upcoming Google Penguin 2.0 Update, many SEO’s and webmasters from around the world have been freaking out and speculating about what might happen to their rankings and their clients’ rankings.

Before we jump into Google Penguin 2.0, let’s step back a bit and look at the original Penguin update. In case you don’t know what Google Penguin is, Wikipedia explains it very nicely on this page.

Google rolled out Penguin 1.0 in April of 2012 and it was designed to try and … Read the rest

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Broken Link Building For SEO

How To Use Broken Links To Ethically Build White Hate Relevant Links To Your Website

Broken Link Building For SEO Being an SEO and Marketing Consultant, one of the questions I get asked the most is about link building. Unfortunately, many people look to forums or random people online for their advice on link building and then they wonder why their site is penalized and has dropped out of Google. The fact is, 95% of SEO information you read about online, and especially in forums, is total and complete crap, theory, wrong, and does more harm than good.

Part of the reason I started this … Read the rest

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What Is The Best Backlink For SEO?

what is the best backlinkI get asked all the time about what the best backlink for SEO is and that’s a really tough question to answer. Many SEO Consultants get this very wrong and end up getting their clients penalized because of that. Backlinks are an important part of Inbound Marketing.

Before we go into what the best backlink is, let’s first talk about some of the characteristics of a BAD link:

  • Type of backlinks that are not good:
  • Links you cannot control
  • Links in bad neighborhoods – meaning links on a page with “adult” links or thousands of other links
  • Low quality
  • Read the rest

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